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The Company

The focus of SDN Pumpen GmbH is the delivery of pumps and spare parts of eccentric screw pumps.

All common spare parts for the most known pump types are on stock. In our point of view we have to be a service company that will help you to expand the lifetime of your eccentric screw pumps and deliver the best pump for your application.

Our customers come from:

  • Environment

  • Biogas, Agriculture

  • Paper industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Cosmetic industry

  • Food industry

 Professional, quick and flexible, that is what we offer you:

  • Due to the fact that our spare parts are passing several control steps they fullfill the highest quality standards.

  • Significant cost saving

  • 20 years expierence in troubleshooting

  • Our warehouse allows us to deliver you standard parts within 24 hours.

  • You can reduce your administration over head costs because we deliver spare parts for nearly all pump types.